Jean Barker

Jean Barker has been in the kitchen appliance business for over 20 years. She is a leader in innovation and design, having created numerous products that have revolutionized the way people cook. Jean's appliances are known for their reliability and accuracy, as well as their high-end features and intuitive designs. She has also developed an industry-leading suite of kitchen appliances that provide users with the latest technology and convenience. Her products are sought after by professional chefs and homemakers alike, due to their cutting-edge features and sleek design. Jean has received numerous awards for her innovative products, including a prestigious Kitchen Appliance Designer of the Year award from Consumer Reports magazine. In addition to her success in the kitchen appliance industry, Jean also serves on multiple committees dedicated to advancing sustainability initiatives in the sector. Throughout her career she has demonstrated a commitment to finding new ways of reducing waste while also providing customers with quality products they can trust.


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